Kia Plans to Electrify Lineup

Kia is bringing exciting news to the table with the announcement of the all-electric Kia EV6. Although this isn’t Kia’s first electric vehicle, it is certainly making waves in the automotive world. With the streamlined and aerodynamic lines of the EV6, it’s obvious that the EV sedan will be a popular choice for those interested in making the switch from gasoline.

The EV6 is packed with the latest features including the World’s First Multi-Charging System, Highway Driving Assist 2, Blind-Spot View Monitor, Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, and AWD capability among others. The instant swift acceleration will propel you to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds with the aid of 320 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque.

Additional Key Features:


Keep Your Vehicle Cool This Summer

Keeping your vehicle cool in the summer can prove to be a difficult task, but not if you know the right tricks to do so. When the interior of your vehicle heats up, many things can go wrong. Your dash and interior plastics take the brunt of the ultraviolet rays causing fading and even cracking. Certain items like air fresheners or personal belongings can melt, creating a mess for you to clean up. That is if it can be cleaned. Protect your vehicle with these tips, and you’ll be sure to enjoy the summer!

  • Use a sunshade in your windshield to protect the dash and interior plastics from fading/cracking. Interior pieces can be expensive to replace. 
  • Keep personal belongings stored away. Items like sunglasses or phones can be heavily damaged from not only the direct sun but intense heat.
  • Keep windows slightly cracked if possible. Allowing airflow will keep the temperature down inside the vehicle. 
  • Tint your windows. Most states have regulations on what windows you can tint as well as how dark. Tinted windows can greatly reduce the sunlight that enters the interior. It is cost-effective and will last the life of your car or truck.
  • Park in the shade or a garage when you have the chance. This is by far the best and easiest way to ensure that temperatures stay cool and your vehicle will be ready to drive when you are. 
  • Lastly, use the recirculation feature on the ventilation system. It will recirculate the cold air that already exists in the cabin. It will also put less strain on your a/c system and allow it to operate more efficiently for longer. 

Camp Quirk – 2021 Quincy YMCA Day Camp

Camp Registration for 2021 is open!

The South Shore YMCA Camp Quirk children will make friends and memories that last a lifetime while enjoying adventures that will create lifelong memories. This camp is for children between ages 4-12 and is located at the Quincy YMCA for children from ages 4 to entering first grade. For children entering second grade and above, this camp is located at Eastern Nazarene College.

Your children can enjoy this camp on weekdays between the times of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Click Here to learn more about this camp or to register!

4th of July Parade

We enjoyed seeing everyone who attended the 4th of July Parade in Braintree, MA. We always look forward to this annual event, as it kicks off the beginning of summer activities for most of us!

While many towns are still picking up momentum after the Commonwealth recently- reopened and eased social restrictions, the Braintree July 4th Stars and Stripes Celebration was the only large public event south of Boston.

As the main sponsor, we were glad to see all the friendly and familiar faces that attended. Being part of a community for over 40 years, we’re honored and grateful to have the support of the parade.

Stay tuned for more events this summer!

Ford Welcomes Compact Maverick

Ford has been seeking impressive ventures that have been shocking the automotive world and having auto manufacturers scrambling to keep up. The compact Ford Maverick truck is no exception. It is something that we have never seen from Ford that will have consumers asking curious questions. The Maverick is an environmentally friendly vehicle that combines the versatility of a truck and the fuel efficiency of a car. Visit Quirk Ford to see what the all-new Ford Maverick can do for you. 

40 miles per gallon in a pickup truck? Keep money in your wallet with an EPA-estimated 40 city mpg but don’t sacrifice power. Haul all of your favorite belongings with a 1,500-lb payload capacity. Make fewer stops with a 500-mile range. That means more time for listening to your favorite music and staying comfortable in the cab. Enjoy the standard 8-inch touchscreen equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto backed by a BANG & OLUFSEN sound system. 

The Maverick does come standard with the 2.5L full hybrid engine but an available 2.0L EcoBoost will upgrade the power to 250 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque increasing towing capacity to 4,000 lbs. The FLEXBED offers a variety of features to bring convenience to work and play including 110v outlets, 12v wires, multi-position tailgate, and six tie-downs with additional room to add a bike rack as well as a multi-divider.

Road Rally Fundraiser – Manchester, NH

Manchester, NH–This past months’s QCR Road Rally fundraiser held on Saturday, June 5, raised several thousands of dollars for children’s charities in Manchester. The event was attended by Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig, who delivered welcome remarks to Road Rally event contenders and attendees.

“Thank you for supporting youth in our community. While you have fun today, just remember the needs that we have and that what you’re doing is participating and giving back, and I just want you to know how much it means to me, and all of us here”, said Craig.

Road Rally contenders the “Taxmanian Devils”, were the first-place winning team of the Cadillac race division and completed the race in six hours and seven seconds and successfully answered ten challenge questions correctly.

“We appreciate the community’s support in this great event in helping make it such a success. While the Taxmanian Devils were the Road Rally champions, we all won Saturday by supporting a great cause. We’d like to give a big thanks to our major sponsors, Quirk Auto Dealers and Frank DiDonato, and all the rest of our sponsors and participants for making this such a wonderful event”,said Rory Parnell, Even Chair, Queen City Rotary Club.

To learn more about the Queen City Rotary, visit them online at

Quincy Pride Day Receives Support From Quirk Auto Dealers

We believe in supporting our local community, which is why we chose to help sponsor the Quincy Pride Day Event. This festival took place in Pageant field, in Quincy, MA. Local performers and food trucks were a hit with community members of all ages. Manet Health even showed up to help give Covid-19 vaccinations.

The event was expected to have 500 people in attendance by noon. But by the time noon came and went, it was estimated that over 1,000 people had come to enjoy the festivities. Here are a few links so you can follow to learn more about the festival and what to expect next year. And some photos we took while we were there.

Thanks for reading!

Click to see what the Patriot Ledger said about this event!

Click to see read about this event on the Quincy Pride Day Website!

Click to see read about this event on!

The Ford Lightning Makes a Comeback

The Ford SVT F-150 Lightning first made its appearance in 1993 as a performance pickup truck that caught the eyes of vehicle lovers from all directions. It was equipped with a 5.8L/351 cubic inch V8 that cranked out 240 HP and 340 lb-ft of torque. By today’s standards that is quite underpowered even for an entry-level truck but back in the 1990s it could certainly hold its own. The truck was crafted with street performance in mind not just for straight-line acceleration at the drag strip. It shared many engine components with its closely related SVT Mustang relative.

The SVT Lightning experienced a refresh in 1999 where you could find an upgraded 5.4L Eaton-Supercharged V8 that embarrassed the competition with 360 HP and later increased to 380 HP accompanied by 450 lb-ft of torque. There were several performance upgrades to help get power to the ground like a 3.73:1 rear gear ratio, a beefier driveshaft, and 295/45ZR-18 Eagle tires.

The 2022 Ford Lightning is being reincarnated into an all-electric pickup truck. As we all know, electric vehicles produce impressive torque so we can count on the new F-150 EV to have powerful acceleration. The 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque will get you from Point A to Point B in a hurry catching the eye of everyone you pass. Drive to work or enjoy the weekend in confidence with an EPA-estimated 300-mile range. Two electric motors will be powering all four wheels full-time allowing for instant acceleration. Haul all of your toys with a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs or throw everything you need in the bed with a maximum of 2,000-lbs payload capacity.

Reasons to shop at Quirk Cars #41

Quirk Auto Dealers has contributed to local charitable organizations, youth camps, sports teams, and local fundraisers in and around the greater Boston area.

Quirk Auto Dealers helped the Quincy Animal Shelter upgrade its facilities to provide a better environment to care for animals in need. With an updated play area, the employees can provide a better quality of life for their guests.

This is a predominantly volunteer shelter, and contributions are what keeps them going. If you would like to contribute, here is a link to their website,

Quirk Auto Dealers sponsored the Lowell Highschool Video Production Team, an after-school program that helps students learn the ins and outs of video production. The program teaches students video production by providing them with hands-on experience using professional video production equipment. The students have access to everything including a mobile live event video production broadcast van that can record and broadcast local events.

Watch the video below to see their work and learn more about how this program can help develop transferable skills and start an early carrier in video production.

Quirk Auto Dealers is happy to sponsor the South Shore YMCA’s Camp Quirk summer program located at Snug Harbor Elementary School. Camp Quirk is a place for kids to make friends, build character and actively explore their imagination. The extensive variety of programs provides a summer adventure for everyone. Campers can create their ideal summer experience, from animation to animals, golf to gaga ball, swimming to skateboarding, and so much more. From all of us at Quirk, we wish the campers the best summer ever.

Quirk Auto Dealers has teamed up with the Rotary Club of Manchester to sponsor the 2021 road rally race. This event will take place on June 5 at 3 pm in Manchester, NH. The Road Rally is a scavenger hunt on wheels that puts teams together and sends them across the city to solve riddles and learn about Manchester’s history. This event has been going on for over 30 years and we are proud to be a sponsor.

For more information on this event or to register please follow this link to the Rotary clubs website –

We are proud to sponsor the 2021 Quincy Pride Festival! Join us on June 6 between 12 pm and 4 pm in Pagent field in Quincy, MA, for a live DJ, food from local vendors, a prideful puppy contest, and more!

For more information on this event or to volunteer follow this link to the Rotary clubs website –